Blueland is the name of the world of LUNA Online: Reborn and LUNA Online (back when it was operated by gPotato). Blueland is composed of twenty-five regions, and three mysterious regions, which many speculate are to be added: a lava region, a highland region, and a snow region. These regions are visible on the world map.

Active Regions Edit

  1. Gate of Alker
  2. Alker Harbor
  3. Ruins of Draconian
  4. Zakandia Outpost
  5. Zakandia
  6. Tarintus
  7. Moon Blind Forest
  8. Moon Blind Swamp
  9. Red Orc Outpost
  10. The Way to the Howling Ravine
  11. The Howling Ravine
  12. Ghost Tree Swamp
  13. Kierra's Lair
  14. Desolate Ravine
  15. Mont Blanc Port
  16. Dryed Gazell Fall
  17. The Dark Portal
  18. Fairy Valley
  19. Knights Graveyard
  20. Nera Castletown
  21. The Giant Garden
  22. Nera Harbor
  23. Sahel Zone
  24. Mirage in the Parasus
  25. Ruins of Ancient Elpis

Undiscovered Regions Edit

  1. Snow Region
  2. Lava Region
  3. Highland Region
World Map (2)